Dassai Junmai Daiginjo 23

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  • Dassai

Dassai 23 Sparkling, 720ml

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Produced by Asahi Shuzo Brewery, Dassai 23 is a premium sake of junmai daiginjo type, which means that the rice used has been polished to more than 50% and no alcohol has been added. As its name suggests, this premium sake has a remaining grain percentage of 23% so that only the noblest part of the grain remains; the heart.

Rich in fruity aromas of ripe fruit, apple and pear and with great finesse, Dassai 23 is an ideal introduction to traditional Japanese beverages and goes very well with raw or cooked foods such as red meats, cheeses and desserts.


Rice Type : 100% Yamadanishiki

Rice Polishing Ratio : 23%

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